Microsoft attacked by chinese Hackergroup

Author: Snoke Connect
Monday, Jul 26, 2021

Microsoft became the victim of a large-scale cyber attack after the Solarwinds attack.

As the media report, Microsoft’s email server Exchange is particularly affected. It was then that Russia was suspected of being behind this attack.

The latest findings suggest that China is behind these attacks.

The attacks are ransomware. Similar to Soladwinds attack, the hacker groups holding their nertwork hostage to export millions of dollars to unblock the systems and get the data back. However, the data is often irretrievably lost.

Behind the attacks are apparently one or more hacker groups from China.

US President Biden said that the Chinese government was not directly involved. However, this contradicts US national services, which suspect a very high probability of the Chinese government behind it an chinese pay roll is assumed.

Senior Administration Offical: “China uses criminal contract hackers to conduct unsancrioned cyber operaions globally, inluding for their own personal profit.”

4 nationalist Chinese have now been convicted.

The USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Japan and NATO have agreed to intensify efforts against hacker attacks and to jointly condemn attacks.

The Chinese hacker groups suspected of being behind this attack on government and business are ‘Advanced Persistent Thread 40’ and ‘Advanced Persistent Thread 31’ and, in the case of Microsoft Exchange, obviously use a vulnerability via port 443.

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